Intercultural Business


You have been invited to participate in one of the groups traveling to different countries to find new ways of doing business with the company you work for. To prepare for the trip, you must know the characteristics of doing business in the country you’ll be visiting. Thus, you can anticipate strategies that facilitate doing your job. To achieve your parcel follow these instructions:

1. Choose a country.

2. Investigate and identify at least five (5) most common features found in the business environment of the country.

3. Relate the above detailed features that occur in the country that I was assigned personality traits taking as its starting point the five dimensions (OCEAN) discussed in the module. This relationship must be made taking into account the different communication channels used.

4. How could impact the negotiations which does not take into account the cultural differences of the country you’ll be visiting?

5. What are the benefits or aIDed value it would have in the negotiations which take into account the different personality traits and using various communication channels in a diverse work environment?

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