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For this MMB entry you will search YouTube and choose two pieces of music that correspond to Music & Experimentalism. One of the pieces must relate directly to the Western music tradition (art/popular/folk) and the other piece may or may not relate to this tradition.The choice is up to you, but you may not use pieces discussed as examples in a class or that are LGs. You may use new pieces by composers discussed in class.
For your MMB entry you must:

Embed the YouTube videos so that your instructor may access the music directly. (2 YT videos total)
Provide the title of the piece with its corresponding composer and/or performer (for example, Symphony no. 7, movement 2, Allegretto; Ludwig van Beethoven; London Philharmonic) as text in your entry. (2 titles and composers and/or performers total).
For EACH YouTube piece articulate (1) how the YouTube piece relates to the topic; (2) what type of meaning the piece holds for you or other audiences (for example the reason why you chose the piece might be linked to a personal meaning or a larger cultural/political/philosophical meaning); and, (3) how is the meaning described above linked to sound in particular (read: musical elements–you must discuss at least 2 musical elements (rhythm, melody, texture, harmony, etc.)). Feel free to use Wikipedia to investigate the pieces, but NEVER plagiarize or quote text from outside sources consulted on the pieces. Any information regarding the pieces in your entries must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You will receive an automatic zero-grade for the Musical Meaning Blog if you plagiarize text from an outside source.
You must address the 3 questions above in 300 to 400 words PER YouTube piece. This means for each 1 of the 3 Blogger entries you will need to write 600 to 800 words.
Once you have completed an entry in your MMB, publish your blog. Click on “view” and then copy that URL. Please make sure the URL does NOT have the word “editor” in it: if this is the case, your Blogger page has not been published and can only be viewed by you, the creator. Go back and publish it. Then click on view to copy the URL. Never click share to copy your URL because you need a Google + profile to do this. If you are using a limited Blogger profile you will not be able to do this.

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