My Carbon Footprint Assignment



Complete the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carbon footprint calculator activity at


Use this worksheet to record your responses to the following questions. Your responses (not counting the questions) should equal 500 words of content.


  1. What was your carbon footprint (number of pounds of emissions for each category)? How did your family carbon footprint (annual pounds of C2 emissions) compare to the U.S. average?



  1. Did your carbon footprint numbers surprise you? Why, or why not?



  1. Explain at least two types of changes you were willing to take or not take in each category (energy, transportation, and waste).



  1. How much was your emissions numbers reduced with your proposed changes?



  1. Summarize your savings.


  1. How many trees are your proposed changes equal to?
  2. How much monetary savings are your proposed changes equal to?
  3. How many pounds of waste reduction are your changes equal to?



  1. What role do you think the government should take in reducing emissions?



  1. While the EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator may not be super accurate and not truly personalized, what is the purpose of the calculator?



  1. Write a few sentences summarizing your thoughts on the assignment.

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