My Personal SLR Camera Review Opinions

If you take a look online, you will find a lot of guides on choosing a digital SLR camera, and I know what most of them say. Even though you can learn a lot about the technology behind digital SLR cameras, it can still be very hard choosing the perfect SLR camera for a beginner. The guides you read here are exactly what you need to accomplish just that. When you read these guides, you should be able to understand what you need to look for without too much technical abilities. All the guides posted here are founded on a few basic principles.

1. You’re not a technical person.

All the digital SLR camera reviews I create for this site are done in such a way that even someone without technical knowledge can understand them perfectly, which is a must if you’re an amateur looking to buy a digital SLR camera. You will find no deep musings on things that don’t matter for you, no graphs and no charts.

The guide will actually be about a story, not a technical manual. You will learn from me what my own experience was with that camera, how well it takes photos when you use it in the real world. You will also read about any tips I might have for you about using that model.

You will learn from all the digital SLR camera reviews how they operate in the real world for normal photography. They will not be about taking photos of models that have lights on them, it will be about taking photos of real subjects.

2. I’m not biased

What do I mean by that?

I don’t work for a digital camera company. I just another electronics gadget consumer that has an opinion to express.

What I’m trying to say is that the reviews I write contain only my own personal opinions on the SLR cameras that I test. There is no bias towards a certain manufacturer or camera model, only the truth.

On this site, cameras get the ratings I think they deserve, so the number of cameras with perfect ratings will be very low. If I would give all the cameras the best ratings, that will not help you when choosing a digital SLR.

By following the advice I will give you in my digital SLR camera reviews, you can be sure that what you buy will actually help you when taking photos in the real world.

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