My Philosophy Of Discipline

Define the three theories of discipline behaviorist, constructivist, and Maturationist
Compare each theory to the others
Which theory do You best relate to
How do You view children? What is the childs role in his/her developing self discipline? What do you believe about how young children learn self discipline? Include the theory or experience that led you to this belief. How do you view your role as a teacher? How will your views influence your guidance approach? Include the theory what kind of environment do you hope to create in your future class? What type of program may help you foster this environment? How does this relate to your basic beliefs about children & guidance or discipline? Include the theory
Write in present tense write the paper in 1st person
Write a paper that will let your audience know where you stand in regard to important guidance or discipline theories or practices.
Complete your philosophy of discipline using the correct APA documentation


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