NAME ___________________________ PHONE ___________________ FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICS 10

Write the following linear equations

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Foundations of Mathematics 10
Be sure to show WORK for all circled questions
Write the following linear equations in:
a. Slope Intercept form
b. General form
1. y 5 = 4(x -7)
Slope Intercept ______________
General Form.. ______________
2. y + 6 = -6(x + 1)
Slope Intercept ______________
General Form.. ______________
3. For the equation, 3x 5y 5 = 0, find:
a. Slope ____
b. X intercept ____
c. Y intercept ____
d. Slope of a parallel line ____
e. Slope of a perpendicular line ____
Are the following systems of equations Parallel,
Perpendicular or Neither:
4. X + 2y = 6
2y 2 = -x _____________
5. 3x + 5y = 9
3y = 5x 6 _____________
6. 3x + y = 11
x 2y = 6 _____________
7. Solve the system of equations
a b = -2 a = _____
2b + 4a = 16 b = _____
8. From the above graph, write the equation
for line A in:
a. Point Slope form _________________
b. General Form _________________
9. Write the equation for line B in:
a. Slope Intercept Form _______________
b. General Form _______________
10. The cost of renting a car depends on the
number of days for which it is rented and
the distance it is driven. The cost for one
day and 240 km is $39. The cost for three
days and 800 km is $125. What is the cost
per day and the cost per kilometer?
Cost per day __________
Cost per km __________
When completed, save on
your computer and upload to
I verify that this Submission page has been completed by ______________________________ without assistance.

Parent or Supervisor (Print Name) ___________________________ (Signature) ________________________
BONUS QUESTIONS (Optional) 5 marks
1 mark each. WORK MUST BE SHOWN (unless instructed otherwise!)
Question 1
A home daycare operator charges a weekly flat rate to cover the cost of meals and snacks, plus an
hourly fee. One week, the Davidsons paid $42 for 8 hours of baby-sitting service, while the Lees paid
$170 for 40 hours. If you sketch a linear graph of this relation where C(Cost) is vertical axis and
T(Time) is the horizontal axis, what is the slope-intercept form of the graph, in terms of C and T?
ANSWER __________
Question 2
Naomi invested $1000, part at 8% per annum and the rest at 10% per annum. In one year, the two
parts earned equal amounts of interest. How much did Naomi invest at 10%?
ANSWER __________
At a pet store, cats sold for $10.00 each and the canaries sold for $15.00. The total value was
$360.00. One night, the owner forgot to close the door and the animals got loose. Half of the canaries
and two cats disappeared. If the total value of cats and canaries is now $220.00, how many canaries
were present before the escape?
ANSWER __________
Question 4
If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hour, how long will it
take for both of them to paint the house together?
ANSWER __________
Question 5
Whats the radius of a circle that has an area equal to half its circumference?
ANSWER __________


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