Navajo Blanket

Navajo Blanket(or create one that matches the main idea) Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details The essay should address the following: 1. a brief formal analysis of the historic art object under investigation including a description of the object, its materials, and how it was made. 2. An in-depth analysis of the object’s cultural context. Why was the object made? How was the object used? What does this object tell us about the culture that produced it (consider cosmology, social structure, gender relations, politics, history)? This portion of your paper will require library research. 3. An examination of the way this historic tradition has been appropriated in its new, modern setting. Consider the following: how has the image changed from the original? Who makes it? How is the image used? Who is the intended audience? Does it present a positive or negative portrayal of the original object and culture? 4. A discussion of your findings. Consider: What are the connections between the historic image and its modern counterpart? Do they play similar roles in their respective societies? Who owns the image? 5. Illustrations and a list of works cited. Your paper must have a minimum of 4 academic articles and/or books. Some links you can use: ( (— Suggested museum: Southwest Museum of the American Indian.

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