Need an argumentative essay on APA Principles And Code Of Ethics. Needs to be 2

Need an argumentative essay on APA Principles And Code Of Ethics. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The experiment conducted at the Stanford University was aimed at establishing the mental effects of becoming a prisoner and understand the cause of conflict between prison guards and prisoners. The results of the experiment indicated that prisoners become depressed and the guards become sadistic. The results of the study showed that people are likely to comply once provided with legitimizing ideas and social support. Apparently, the outcomes of the research have been used to develop several concepts in psychology but the participants underwent undue stress that consequently harmed them physically and psychologically. The prisoners and guards were deceived by giving them consent forms that were incomplete and did not disclose all that was to take place(Carnahan & McFarland, 2007). The surprise arrests and invasion of privacy also significantly affected the participants psychologically. Outrageously, the research had profound negative effects on the participants who had not consented to the undisclosed procedure. The effects that the study had of the participants were very adverse and long-term. It might permanently affect the participants and make them develop a very adversarial perception against prisons and the overall correction system. Though the research was necessary, it should have been conducted in a ‘safe’ prison environment that would have enabled the researchers to obtain the same results without necessarily harming the participants. Psychologists should and must strive to avoid afflicting human being.

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