Need an argumentative essay on Attitudes to football hooliganism. Needs to be 2

Need an argumentative essay on Attitudes to football hooliganism. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The author Mike has presented his own experience while he has also shared various other stories to highlight the culture and colors of hooliganism. Since the book has been of great help in determining that hooligans are more than violent and obscene people, therefore, ‘Hooligans’ has been of great help as it has presented a detailed summary on the culture and true definition of hooliganism. The author of the book, Mike Houlihan is also a retired sportsperson, therefore, he also had some first-hand information on the subject. Although this is his only book, he has shown the true essence and meaning of the culture of hooliganism. Due to its greater relevance, the book is of great help for the essay. The book is published by ‘Dog Ear Publishing’, which is the huge name in the field of publishing and has been publishing books since 2004.‘The nature and extent of football hooliganism in England and Wales’, the authors Frosdick and Newton have effectively concluded that hooliganism is not particularly a violent phenomenon or culture. The research that was conducted by the authors demonstrated the difficulties and complexities that the audience undergoes while understanding hooliganism. Using empirical data sources, the authors of the study has successfully elaborated and supported the thesis statement of the main essay which states that hooliganism is not only associated with violence and obscene attitude. While the other half incidents take place away from the ground and have nothing to do with it.

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