Need an argumentative essay on Creative Writing, Application Essays. Needs to be

Need an argumentative essay on Creative Writing, Application Essays. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
These are some of the reasons why I would like to attend George Washington University.
An education organization that has been providing a service to the community for 188 years is a place with the tradition and experience that I seek from a university campus. I follow basketball and have been a fan of the school’s basketball team for the last five years. I
have heard good things about the quality of the education this school provides. My counselor recommended this school to me. I already knew the about the university through its sporting program, but never realized about the possibility of becoming a student. The school website was informative an allowed to learn about many aspects of what the college experience entails. I like the fact the schools place a lot of importance in community service and volunteer work. I would like to get involve in these types of extracurricular activities that can enhance my interpersonal skills and personal development as a human being.
I like the fact the schools enabled students to keep up with the current news and alumni affairs through its very informative website. The school’s internet portal was a great tool that provided me with a good overview of what George Washington University can do for my future. I like the campus facilities, security, and medical center capabilities. It is important to go to a college where you feel safe and welcomed. In order to be able to be effective in one’s study routines a person need to be in an environment where you feel like at home. When I visited the University last summer I felt like this a place where I wanted to be the next four years of my life.
A college education is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Attending a great college institution such as George Washington University will help my professional future by opening many job opportunities for me in the future. I

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