Need an argumentative essay on Criminal Justice Operations: Scenario Investigati

Need an argumentative essay on Criminal Justice Operations: Scenario Investigative Plan. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Among the vital steps in investigating a robbery are the identification of the objectives of the investigation, the features of a robbery, and the modes of operations of the suspected robbers. There are several critical steps that investigators should apply while investigating a robbery so that suspects are arrested and successful trials instituted. The first step is to determine whether an investigation is necessary. Second, it is determined whether an interim relief is necessary. That is, does the situation call for an immediate action before investigation is complete? Third is to determine who should investigate a given crime. Fourth, all the relevant documents should be preserved, obtained, and reviewed. The fifth step entails the review of the legal issues regarding the case to be investigated. Sixth, the time and place to conduct the investigation should be determined so that it is done promptly. The seventh step is the interviewing individuals with knowledge of facts about the robbery in question. Eighth, an investigation report should be prepared followed by the taking of appropriate actions based on the findings (Osborne & Wernicke, 2003). The tenth step is a follow up to asses whether the investigation was thorough and conclusive enough.
To adequately manage investigations into the robberies in the city, it is important that the right technologies are applied so that the law enforcement agencies quickly adapt to the changing nature of criminals, crimes, and crime demographics. Technologies should be used in investigation management, audit, analysis, accessibility, workflow, task and content management, hotline reporting, security architecture (access to sensitive data), and reporting (Giacalone, 2010). Among the technologies appropriate for investigation are access-control systems, vehicle tracking systems, computers, radio

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