Need an argumentative essay on Critical Review- EU: External trade and foreign p

Need an argumentative essay on Critical Review- EU: External trade and foreign policy. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Its population, which is undergoing a rapid demographic change due to immigrations and other factors, is only after China and India. For the provision of equal and fair opportunities, peace and security for its 500 million people, European Union has been working out a comprehensive strategy. This strategy in turn has enabled European Union to keep up to the growing challenges in the wake of multiple global crises.
This paper, critically reviews European Union’s Foreign and Trade policy to understand the dynamics and contingency needs of the Union.
As a preface to the review few important facts about European Union, its genesis, development and present state of affairs need a mention. It will not only help in understanding a concise view of its foreign and trade policy, but will also help the reader to comprehend rudimentary aspects that are mooted to forge such a policy. Cooperation among European countries has a history based on an attempt of creating a Defense Community in 1954 which later emerged as Economic Community addressing security and economic needs of the region. Currently, the foreign and Trade policy has the same basic structure that was worked out in 1970. Today it involves political cooperation among the member states that builds a consensus over varying issues like engagement in trade, commerce, political and economic support etc. This cooperation is not restricted only to these spheres, but also sprawls over security and rebuilding economies of the developing countries. For example, in the case of Tanzania, EU has prepared a very conducive plan for the uplift of this one of the poorest nations in the world. Special duty on imports, help in its economic and structural reforms are few of those European policies that show its resolve towards global peace and stability. Similarly European Union’s stance on Syrian Crisis is also one such example that shows its tendency

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