Need an argumentative essay on Critically analyse how the concentration ratio ha

Need an argumentative essay on Critically analyse how the concentration ratio has evolved, in recent years, in the following EU industry. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The initiative of the European Commission way back in 1969 is to coordinate the economic policies as well as to set a monetary integration among the European Union. In 2007, the goal European Commission has proven to be very successful. Having implemented the ‘Euro’ (€) currency back in 1999 is part of the strategy used by the European Union in achieving their purpose of making the inter-regional and inter-state trading much easier.
The constantly growing economic activity within the European Union has resulted to a tight competition among the members of the EU banking and financial sector. In order to cope with the intensive competition within the industry, most of the small banks have decided to enter into a merger. The merger of the small and medium scale banks would enable them to maximize its resources through the use of economies of scale.
services in order to attain a better and more competent economy. The ‘trade and investment relationship’ between the current EU members with a more profitable investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe is very promising. In fact, the ‘concept’ of inter-state trading and investments is being used by the EU commissioners to encourage more countries to become a member of the European Union.2
employment opportunity for the local people before globalization in 2001. Given the huge domestic market of the European Union, the members of EU is able to gain more strength that attracts many of the World Trade Organization (WTO) members to deal with the European Union.3 (See Table I below and Chart I on page 6)
Notice that between years 1998 to 2000, the GDP of European Union has been constantly increasing. It means that the production output of the European Union was steadily growing. Normally, when the GDP is increasing, the unemployment is decreasing. Starting in 2001 when globalization became active,

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