Need an argumentative essay on Cultural Encounter Experience. Needs to be 6 page

Need an argumentative essay on Cultural Encounter Experience. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The paper looks at the perceptions of different cultural groups and ages towards the homosexuals and the effect of this sexual prejudice to the gays.
In this social experiment, I dressed up as a gay and visited two separate public places. The purpose of this was to learn more about gays, to better understand their way of life and be in a position to base an objective perception about their lifestyle. It is difficult in the case of a straight man to understand and have a balanced view of homosexuality. All opinions devoid of this are at best pretentious and at worst unjust. With the company of a male friend, I went to the supermarket and visited two restaurants, an American and Korean restaurant. My encounters along the way and in these two premises revealed to me the social perception that many holds towards the gay. Their justification for the negative attitudes is because of the opinion that gays have gone against the grain of the moral fabric and deserve such alienation.
Along the streets and in the supermarket it was evident that Asians were not comfortable with having gays around. They avoided as much as they could to not look at us and were not willing to interact with us in any way. When we asked for some help, most of them shunned away, especially those that had children with them. This demonstrated that they did not want their kids to interact with people that were homosexuals. The same attitude was displayed when we offered to give any assistance, especially to the Asians. It was evident that people of Asian descent were not open to the idea homosexuality and adhered to some preconceived notion that homosexuality is not right. The same perception manifested when discussing with friends of Asian origin of whom four out five said they would not prefer to have a gay person as their superior. This contrasted to the four whites out of five that presented a neutral opinion

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