Need an argumentative essay on Dental codes and Codes of ethics discussion. Need

Need an argumentative essay on Dental codes and Codes of ethics discussion. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
additional core values to those provided by ADA such as compassion, integrity, competence, professionalism and tolerance (American College of Dentists, 1996). This implies that dentists relying on the ADA dentists’ professional code of conduct may not be aware of the additional important core values that they need to observe during their practice.
In this case, some dentists may choose to ignore some of the values such as showing compassion to patients, maintenance of integrity and tolerance. These differences in core values may create differences in the understanding of the professional requirements among the dentists. Although the key ethical principles identified by ADA and ADHA may capture most the ethical issues likely to arise in the process of delivering dental care, additional core values identified by ACD can be ignored because they contribute immensely in determining how dentists conduct themselves (American Dental Hygienists Association, 2008). The ACD core of values is the most comprehensive of the three with more core values and explanation on what is expected of the dentistry profession. In conclusion, these differences call for the need to have a consensus in the core of values of the dentistry profession.
Organizations are compelled to explicitly articulate values that place a strong emphasis on ethical behavior which they achieve by drafting a code of ethics, a formal statement of the ethical priorities that all professionals within the organizations must adhere to (Condrey, 2010). However, some organizations may fail to establish a specific code of ethic due to lack of perceived need to duplicate the regulations of behavior already covered by the jurisdiction of state ethics. In this case, this most states have codes of ethics for all professionals in place, lack of a code of ethics in a profession or organization does not imply that those professionals cannot upload the expected behavior standards in a given state.
The behavior or conduct

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