Need an argumentative essay on Determining Your Perfect. Needs to be 4 pages. Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Determining Your Perfect. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Lately, the same case happened with me. While our company was heading towards restructuring, I was asked by my employers about the position that would suit me the best. A detailed analysis of that job position is mentioned in subsequent paragraphs.
I was working at the position of Assistant HR Manager at a local company. When our company undergone for restructuring and expansion, I was asked by my employers if I would like to change my job position. They had seen my performance for the past 4 years and therefore provided me with this opportunity of selecting my desired position. It was a chance which comes once in a lifetime and I never wanted to waste it. Therefore, I asked a time period of 24 hours in order to brainstorm and think carefully about what my skills, abilities, strengths and weakness and then answer them about their question.
The very next day, I met my Senior HR Manager, with whom I have been working very closely for past 6 months. He listened and acknowledged my position as ‘HR Specialist’. The job is, indeed, of greater responsibilities covering all the disciplines of HR including hiring, recruiting, postings, employee relations, employee referral programs, training, monitoring special developmental programs when needed etc. This job not only required me to assist the subordinates but also required substantial amount of responsibility. In order to assist the subordinates, it is essential to analyze the leadership skills of a person. My employers would also have considered this point before finalizing me for this job. The way I have analyzed my leadership style and skills is mentioned below in a detailed manner.
Learning Agility. HR Specialist needs to be very adaptive to the changing situation because they also have to lead the change to their subordinates. If they, themselves won’t be able to accept the change then communicating this message to employees at lower level of hierarchy can be

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