Need an argumentative essay on Different types of Intermodal movement by Air. Ne

Need an argumentative essay on Different types of Intermodal movement by Air. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Rockets are mainly used for launching satellites, spacecraft, space shuttles and space research stations. A rocket is always misunderstood to be a spaceship by the laymen. Spacecraft, satellites and space shuttles are meant for space and planetary exploration in particular. Though aircraft, spacecraft and rockets share a common feature that they are airborne,
they differ totally from each other in their looks and use.
A rocket is a multipurpose instrument used in air, water and space with necessary modifications but the use of aircraft is sensibly limited to the earth atmosphere as they can not fly in the outer space with their wings and wing-shaped propellers where there is no gravitation. But the technology of rockets has become so simple that it has spread like a computer virus and is mostly misused by terror groups which have acquired the expertise.
It is true that the rockets are playing the lead role in the space exploration at present but the day may not be far off when they would be replaced by the aircraft made up of air breathing rocket engines.
The movement by air, for both people and cargo, is bound to take new vistas. Use of different types of airborne vehicles for different purposes would undoubtedly pick up by leaps and bounds in this space age. Basically, airborne vehicles can broadly be divided into two classes such as atmospheric vehicles comprising airplanes and helicopters which move with in the earth’s atmosphere and non-atmospheric vehicles comprising space craft, space shuttles, deep space probes, satellites and rockets which move in earth’s outer atmosphere (Anderson, 2004). Each of them is totally different among themselves serving a different purpose and having its own advantages and disadvantages in relation to its use.
For decades now, we have been extensively using aero planes and helicopters for airborne movement as other vehicles have not come in to use for common purposes. The use of spacecraft and rockets for the general

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