Need an argumentative essay on Discussion and self reflection assignment. Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Discussion and self reflection assignment. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
We agreed that a leader must be knowledgeable, resourceful and assertive.
Analysis of the article. The article about Sustaining Leadership was helpful. It was an eye-opener to learn and understand the importance of a healthy work environment and patient outcomes. Nurses must be taken good care of in the workplace since this would reflect in their service to the patients.
President Obama’s speech touched many listener’s hearts including mine. Through his speech, he showed exemplary characteristicsthat a leader must have. His burden is heavy since he is serving a nation, and I feel the same way too. As a nurse, I mus be able to provide the “best possible care to the public”. By doing so, there are leadership qualities that I must possess so I can be an effective nurse.
The first thing I observed about Obama’s speech is that he has a complete understanding of himself, his position, and the current crisis that America faces. He is not denying that there is a problem and that America can handle all its problems. In fact, Obama is humble to accept the mistakes that have been made by his predecessors. I admire his honesty and integrity as a leader. Honesty is a much needed trait in world leaders since many issues in ethics have caused the downfall of big companies such as Enron. As a nurse, I must be honest and ethical in my transactions with the patients, doctors as well as other members of my profession.
I also admire Obama’s good communication skills since he is able to present to the people the issues objectively and with conviction. He shares his vision with the nation which makes everyone feel responsible for the country’s recovery. Thus, I also believe that a good nurse must be able to communicate effectively to people around her. A nurse is part of a team and one must be able to share the responsibility in providing quality health care even under difficult circumstances. Having good communication skills would greatly enhance my

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