Need an argumentative essay on Fast Food Nation. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no

Need an argumentative essay on Fast Food Nation. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
According to the movie, Fast food Nation, it is clear that commodity fetishism is prevalent and has many ethical violations that need to be addressed. The need for disconnected narrative shows that in the production of every commodity, there are many independent processes involved in such a way that one party does not know what the other does.
After the discovery of fecal matter in the meat, the vice president of Mickey hamburger goes to find out how meat processing is conducted in Uni-Globe meatpacking processing plant, but the management of the plant shows him the best environment and efficient procedure. This is clear that every party does not know what the other does and so disconnected narrative is used symbolically to show that in every process of production, there are independent processes involved in promoting consumer fetishism (Linklater).
The difficulty involved in making the disconnected linkage in the movie is that all parties want to hide their shortcomings to avoid other parties to know what is really transpiring. The plant mistreats its workers, who perform poorly as a result of being demoralized. The plant does not want outside parties to understand its ills thus it tries to hide them. Disconnected narrative are symbolically used to show that production processes are interconnected but in reality each party does not what the other does and so it becomes difficult to detect malpractices when they emerge(Harvey 97) .
By using disconnected narrative to show independent processes involved in production, most of which are unethical and illegal, the concept of commodity fetishism is well portrayed. The evils of commoditizing production can only be eradicated if consumer fetishism is

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