Need an argumentative essay on Future Issues in Operations Management (Continued

Need an argumentative essay on Future Issues in Operations Management (Continued). Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Chambers recalled that Cisco has used these evolving technologies to its advantage to gain a larger share of the market and prepare a series of products that captures a greater market share.
This type of advancement can be seen in another key industry that is seldom considered for RFID Technological advancements: warehousing.
La Scalia et al. (2010) present research that suggests a complex issue with warehousing application that reduces efficiency lies in the Stock Keeping Units. These SKUs have a quantity that is often assumed as opposed to actually quantified which is where RFID Technology can be utilized to advance the information systems and present a more accurate stock keeping database and process for greater warehousing production. Furthermore, RFID technologies are a cornerstone to advancement in operational and supply chain management whereby information accuracy, storage and evaluation is essential to improved efficiency (Ngai, 2009). Without these technologies, Chambers mentions that companies risk falling behind the competition and losing a large share of the market profits. Through RFID Technologies simple processes by these various industries can be greatly improved and companies will show very large financial and efficiency benefits as long as they are implemented correctly.
La Scalia, G., Aiello, G., Enea, M., & Micale, R. (2010). Preliminary analysis of warehouse localization systems based on rfid technology. International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications, 2(1),

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