Need an argumentative essay on Hard Rock. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiar

Need an argumentative essay on Hard Rock. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
In addition, the human resource department should enhance an aspect of employee empowerment that is possible through articulation and amendment of employee bill of rights, enhancement of positive attitude among the employees and installing self-motivation within the employees.
Hard Rock Café have introduced Hard Rock values card, which is given to every individual as well as employee working within this organization, given under the initiative of Rock 101. The human resource department has introduced Rock 101 system with the aim of developing employee’s personal and professionalism. In addition, the Human resource department of Hard Rock Café Company supports the overall company strategy by building a culture that allows acceptance of substantial diversity and individuality among the community.
Hackman and Oldham’s core job characteristics gives us a clear indication on the valuation of system availed as far as the aspect of automobile assembly line workers is of concern. Hard Rock value system needs to adopt the aspect of outstanding pay and benefits to employees, especially those workers who are part-timers.
Through the company manifesto, the desire and priorities that the company has given the entire community as well as their employee, I believe that community project foster a bond between workers and their communities. This is evidence through the company mission, which states that the company plans to build a culture behavior within the community to enhance acceptance norm, which the company believes that this is a channel to substantial and individuality perceptions. We learn that this perceptions availed by Hard Rock Café have the benefits of enlarging the pool of applicants and contributes to the Hard Rock

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