Need an argumentative essay on How 9/11 Changed Our Military. Needs to be 8 page

Need an argumentative essay on How 9/11 Changed Our Military. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Download file to see previous pages The US military changed their tactics since they realized they were fighting an enemy whom they did not know, but felt its effects. The military realized the enemy did not wear uniform, follow rules of war, or match in war formation, making them begin a prolonged struggle against Muslim fundamentalist and Iraq insurgents. The US military believed these insurgents and fundamentalist used suicide bombers, ambush among other tactics to defeat US military and other agencies. US military never focused on such terror groups until the 9/11 attack, and they now put focus on irregular war as they shift gears from land war.
Valuing and caring for the leaders
The operations in Iraq claimed many casualties from US military, and it worsened when the combat entered Afghanistan. Therefore, it forced them to change strategy and turn to young leaders in the field on best ways they could help reduce the number of casualties. Many of them opted for counterinsurgency but did not know ways of conducting it to achieve the best and the desired result. The young people serving in the military resorted to the use of the local population to find intelligence information to enable them achieve their mission of flushing out the militia groups responsible for the attack. Similarly, US military created generation officers, which was decentralized and could execute the order in their absence. The army, who were on the ground were given more priority than before, since the war was fought in the field where they are trained and equipped to defend the nation.

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