Need an argumentative essay on Identifying complication of drinking cinnamon to

Need an argumentative essay on Identifying complication of drinking cinnamon to induce labor. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Being a secondary data collection method, it will involve access to articles with related literature and also establishing a strong understanding of the relationship between the use of the cinnamon sticks and the success rate of child birth. Therefore, the major source of the information will be secondary references which will have a strong focus on the development of the literature. Secondary information sources make reference to articles, books, hospital maternal reports and any other related source of information.
Matan, et al (2006) argues that cinnamon sticks can be quite risky for pregnant women who use them to induce labor because they create a situation of toxicity from accumulation. This is especially the case when it is used for an extended period without attaining the intended results which might lead to the women developing some serious health problems. These problems might lead to the baby also being put at risk (Shields, P. & Rangarjan, 2013). The risk occurs when high toxicity levels in the mother as a result of high consumption of cinnamon reaches the baby. From the study design, information is collected through a collection of methods which are all secondary sources. In essence, information is collected from as many secondary sources as possible so that what different authors think about the situation is shared.
This is a situation, which has to be avoided at all costs, and it requires that expectant mothers desist from using large amounts of cinnamon sticks in trying to induce labor. This study is useful because it shows that despite the common assumption that the use of cinnamon induces labor, there are instances where it does not. An increase in the amount consumed will not therefore help in any way. In fact, it might make the mother to put her baby at risk as acknowledged. When such cases occur, very little that can be done to save it. However, this study fails to show for how long a mother can take cinnamon sticks before it

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