Need an argumentative essay on Importance of Emotions for Children. Needs to be

Need an argumentative essay on Importance of Emotions for Children. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Most of the people whom I crossed paths with were not smiling at the start of our encounter. They mostly seemed deep in thought and in a hurry to get their kids into school so they could go on with their day. However, when I took the time to smile at them as we passed each other, most of them smiled back at me. They seemed puzzled by my smile and, since I was smiling even at the parents whom I did not know personally, I bet some of them were wondering where we had met before.
I would like to think that by smiling at them at the start of their workday, I was able to bring a little brightness into their lives and perhaps influenced them into going about their day in a more positive manner than they started out. On my part, I have to say that I felt very lighthearted and welcoming of the people whom I smiled at. A simple smile on my part was enough to bring a sense of positivism to my day and helped me get through my day without ever feeling cross. That is because each time I would begin to feel weary or irritated, all I had to do was think of the parents whom I exchanged smiles with earlier in the day and everything negative that I felt seemed to melt away.
My show of choice for this particular study of nonverbal communication and body gestures was Full House starring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Candace Cameron (Burke), Jodi Sweetin, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, and Bob Saget. I felt that this show would be perfect for this exercise because the show was part of a genre that everyone enjoyed and could easily be understood even with the sound on the television or laptop turned off, comedy. It turns out that I did not make a mistake with my choice of television shows.
What I learned from the show is that the human face can deliver emotions even better than the voice of a person. By simply watching the facial expression on the characters faces, I was able to tell if the scene being played out was lighthearted or serious.&nbsp.

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