Need an argumentative essay on Information Technology Architectures. Needs to be

Need an argumentative essay on Information Technology Architectures. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The client is a workstation computer which runs front-end applications. It communicates with the user through the keyboard, mouse and the display. The client also recalls to the client process that operates on the client machine. The client performs its processes from the server displaying information managed by the server.
Therefore, the client does not posses responsibilities to direct data accessibility. thus the client workstation can be optimized for its duties. For example, it requires minimal disk capacity. The client is indispensable to allow implementation of several client servers, ranging from personal computers to mainframes and several client interfaces to store and retrieve information. Oracle 7 implements the ANSI/ISO and SQL interfaces and standards fully support the client environment (Belapurkar, 2009).
The server is a tool that Oracle7 software runs on and handles the essential functions for concurrent access of shared data. Referred to as back-end server, a statement derived from the processes that the server machine does (Belapurkar, 2009).
The server process SQL and PL/SQL statements received from the client applications. The server can be optimized for its functions. For example, it can have fast processors and a large disk capacity. It can also take the input/output disk operations such as, file transfer and printing of documents.
The network facilitates remote data access through a server to the server and client server communication. Oracle’s network facilities allow applications and databases to reside on different computers with different operating systems at the same time communicating as peer applications (Belapurkar, 2009).
Distributed systems architecture enhances hardware and software resource sharing as shown from a loosely coupled distributed system which is a single-user workstation enabling accessibility, of shared resources and data in other server computers (Belapurkar,

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