Need an argumentative essay on Intercultural communication class- Intercultural

Need an argumentative essay on Intercultural communication class- Intercultural learning report. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Apparently, proficiency in the host culture language is a prerequisite for any intercultural communication.
The theory seeks to establish whether unique attributes or group memberships define individuals from an individual culture (Communication for Governance & Accountability Program 1). Moreover, the theory explores whether individual achievement and gratification are more important than unity a cultural group.
Apparently, collectivism culture is more useful than the individualism culture as seen in international universities where international students from China record higher grades compared to American students.
The theory has developed my knowledge on cultural diversity where I have been interacting with people from different cultures with the aim of understanding such cultures and borrowing the best cultural values.
The theory compares minimum status differences with the preference for strict social hierarchies (Communication for Governance & Accountability Program 1). It relates to the acceptance of unequal distribution of power by the less powerful (The Hofstede Centre 1).
The theory was significant in my project since it helped me to understand the powerful effect of Thailand culture on communication (College of Marin 1). For example, I established that Thailand people respect their King.
Indeed, my Thailand project investigated the degree to which Thailand people consider themselves masculine or feminine. Thailand depicts a feminine society that respects women and allows them to work for a living (The Hofstede Centre 1).
Cultural shock is very popular among international students who experience the American culture for the first time. The cultural shock relates to the immediate need for knowledge of American culture and English proficiency.
However, I started to understand the new cultures since I wanted to belong to the environment. I established the good and bad things about the American and Thailand culture that

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