Need an argumentative essay on Locke, Berkeley, Plato or desecrates can be the t

Need an argumentative essay on Locke, Berkeley, Plato or desecrates can be the topic of the .(choose one). Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Appearance may refer to something that simple seems to be and the reality is what the object actually is.
These two aspects are normative and positive respectively and a number of philosophers like Locke, Berkeley and Descartes have written about them as their main areas of focus in order to decipher what is appearing to be and what actually is in reality. This paper helps to provide an insight into the realms of appearance and reality with respect to the works of the above mentioned philosophers and how their theories and ideas have actually compelled the world today to think in a certain manner. The main reason behind which one actually began to understand a demarcation between appearance and reality is misleading situations in everyday life. Human beings have a vast imagination which can take them to places. however this same imagination leads them into thinking things that may not actually exist. For example, emotions like fear and terror are created in the minds of people.
Fear of the dark or the unknown is something that most people possess as a natural instinct however, the fact of the matter remains that the fear is simply something that appears to be and does not exist in reality because the fear has been planted by someone or something else most of the time rather than arising out of some situation. There are times when people assume things and circumstances and end up realising that whatever happened did not actually take place, but it simply seemed to be a certain way. Reality is that aspect of life that people are actually living in the present. It is not easy for a man to be living in the reality without getting ideas about what to do next. Thus, arises the aspect of ideas and perception of the near future which gives rise to appearances. Appearance is something that seems to be or something that a person might think the actual situation consists of, but it

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