Need an argumentative essay on Managing The Supply Chain. Needs to be 8 pages. P

Need an argumentative essay on Managing The Supply Chain. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The project would also look at the production process employed by Colgate-Palmolive and the management and distribution channels. The importance of the end-user would also be examined in the paper.
Colgate Procurement System (2013) identifies that the company uses a uniform and fair system of taking tenders and supplier application from producers. The company decides what to buy on the basis of quality and price offered by a supplier. The suppliers reliability, integrity, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement is a basis for decision making (Colgate Procurement System, 2013).
Ethical standards are used to carry out the examination and evaluation of different suppliers. This include a number of standards and expectations that must be met by each and every supplier in the list of possible contenders. Once this is done, there are some guidelines that are used to by the Global Procurement Group to authorize a supplier.
The Global Procurement Group of Colgate-Palmolive is made up of purchasing and logistic professionals from the regional units of the company. They use teamwork to guide their efforts. The group takes up tenders and quotes from suppliers around the world who fit some basic requirements. The quotes are presented to the Group and they examine and critique it. The company uses various criteria including positive discrimination techniques like identifying minority-owned suppliers and women-owned businesses. The group uses ethical business practices and high integrity levels to set goals and attain them.
When suppliers are chosen, the company settles down to manage them through various technological and ICT databases and platforms that produce real-time information for decision making and guidance. Every suppliers contract is stipulated and given out to the customer when they join the supply team.
The suppliers are monitored by the Internal Supply

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