Need an argumentative essay on On Being A Music Therapist. Needs to be 3 pages.

Need an argumentative essay on On Being A Music Therapist. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
t. highly developed aural awareness. and the ability to make arrangements for unconventional combinations of instruments requiring variable or minimal levels of playing proficiency” (
A basic knowledge in “human psychological, physiological and emotional response to music,
historical development of music therapy, detailed study of one music therapy approach, wide range of music therapy approaches and their theoretical bases, and the ability to compare contrast and critically evaluate clinical applications” are significant in the practice and application of the profession (
In becoming a professional MT, one must possess fine personal qualification and attitude such as: being responsible. good in written and oral communication skill. good interpersonal skill. “knowledgeable in professional and institutional code of ethics, experience in a multi-disciplinary team, sharing and accessing
Bachelor degree in music therapy is necessary in acquiring the profession as a music therapist. United States of America is setting a standard in granting the board certificate to MT graduates. “A music therapist must complete 1200 hours of clinical training in addition to required coursework, research, and passing a nationally accredited certification exam” to be a Board-Certified or MT-BC (
The various cultures, practices, and lifestyles have an influence on physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person. Dealing and living with our high-stressed, busy, and sophisticated technology-oriented environment subject us to sickness, depression, psychological illness and others. Thus, music therapy gives more opportunity in terms of employment and career because everyday more people are having those negative feelings that need to be treated.
I have great interest in choosing this career since I have the potential skills in the field of music. I can play guitar and electronic organ and even compose my own songs.

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