Need an argumentative essay on Organization Behaviour. Needs to be 10 pages. Ple

Need an argumentative essay on Organization Behaviour. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.
tatement is that a learning organization should focus on the incessant learning and the improvement of potential, not limited in just senior management but also in all employees within the company, and in the business partners of the company such to satisfy stakeholders’ needs. Senge (1990) has the similar viewpoints on the continuous process of organizational transformation,
which he defines organizational learning as a strategy that helps members of an organization to constantly develop their capability to generate the results that match their aspirations, where new and extensive ways of thinking are cultivated, where shared goals are liberated, as well as where people are constantly acquiring knowledge on how to learn collectively.
Braham (1995) also has a similar view of organizational learning. He argues that it is the responsibility of organizations to ensure that members are exposed to learning opportunities and that learning is not hindered to continuously build their capacity and empower them to expand their perspective in approaching day to day tasks. Lifelong learning is part of organizational learning that helps individuals to approach problems with sophistication. Organizational learning requires the application of learning methods for individuals in the organization, teams as well as the entire organization to constantly transform it towards the course that is progressively more satisfactory to the interested parties. The other implication of organizational learning is that the self-development of individuals within the organization should be seen as a whole by integrating each individual’s learning together in it. According to these definitions, it can easily to be seen that continuous learning/transformation and stakeholders’ satisfaction are two of the key elements of organizational learning.
Organizational learning is a constant and purposefully applied process incorporated and running at the same time as the organizational activities,

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