Need an argumentative essay on Production of tpa using eukaryotic n prokaryotic

Need an argumentative essay on Production of tpa using eukaryotic n prokaryotic cells. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
coli (prokaryotic). This is because of the high cost of the purification scheme required on the tPA produced from E. coli. That from the mammalian cells does not require lots of purifications because the cell environment and content is similar to that of the body cells (in vitro). tPA produced in E. coli required more purification to acquire the required state because it is composed of many components that are naturally not found with tPA in vitro conditions. The contents produced together with tPA in mammalian cells are similar to those in vitro hence are not foreign materials resulting to a less purification process. The E. coli based production process utilizes approximately sixteen purification steps (downstream) as compared to the five purification steps in CHO. Since the purification process in mammalian cells is not that complex less operating labour and supervision is required compared to the E. coli based. The CHO process utilizes nine percent of its total cost on operating labour while E. coli based utilizes twenty two percent. Also, the cost of acquiring the different purification units required for the many purification stages is higher in the E. coli based. Mammalian based process utilizes only twenty five percent of the total production cost on recovery (purification) compare to eighty eight percent on E. coli based. For the solubilization and renaturation step in the E. coli based production, approximately five tonnes of urea and twenty-six tonnes of guanidine are required.
The bacteria lack efficient secretion mechanisms for tPA, therefore, the proteins are deposited as inclusion bodies. For the recovery of the proteins, a renaturation procedure is required. Since the proteins in the bacteria are produced in low concentrations (about 2.4 mg per litre) the practicability of a renaturation based production process is limited. The E. coli based production does yield to larger quantities of products that

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