Need an argumentative essay on Project management week4. Needs to be 1 pages. Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Project management week4. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Perhaps the most important element of a communication plan is the audience, which receives and responds effectively to the message conveyed (Pritchard, 2014).&nbsp.
According to Taylor and Dow (2013), some critical audiences must be involved in effective communications plan in order for the message to gain wide acceptance.
Pritchard (2014) states that the audiences vary greatly and they may include the project sponsor who is the main audience, professional groups, opinion leaders, employees, media, local community, and government. All the audiences differ greatly in opinion and they may respond variedly depending on their mood and the nature of the message in the communication plan (Ramsing, 2009). Essentially, the project sponsor, media, and the local community are the major stakeholders that will especially receive the full communication (Taylor & Dow, 2013).
When it comes to the information that the audience will receive the project sponsor is entitled to full information including the confidential information while the local community ought to receive partially classified information (Tennyson & Ray, 2005). On the other hand, the media must only receive the general information to protect the project secrets. Concerning all the information, the communication plan will consist of verbal, written, and audio-visual information (Pritchard, 2014). It will apply to all the three groups of audiences, as comprehensively understand the info being communicated (Pritchard, 2014). The frequency with which the information will be shared will depend on the prevailing circumstances, as it will not be possible to gather all the stakeholders at once. Therefore, the project sponsor will receive the full copy of the communication plan while the public and the media will be kept updated daily (Ramsing, 2009).
If the audiences do not receive the message effectively, then they will be separated into groups so that each group receives more attention

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