Need an argumentative essay on Role of Private Sector Organisations in Education

Need an argumentative essay on Role of Private Sector Organisations in Education. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Download file to see previous pages… After realising the historical significance of the private sector education that has been since the last 130 years and by considering the upcoming opportunities of commercialising private education, UK Government has stepped forward and invited individual organisation to sponsor schools and cluster of schools in Education Action Zones (EAZs) for up till now more than 850 companies and organisations including charitable trusts have sponsored these zones. Government is encouraging commercial funding for building new schools contracts from the private sector from which it can acquire benefits by saving immediate capital expenditure, but since the companies are hesitated to renew long-term contracts for public funding, school repairs and renovations, therefore the Government is proposing substantial increase.
Right from the ICT to the National Lottery, the Government has induced many companies to develop software programs and online content for all types of curriculum and online interactive materials. Local Education Authorities (LEAs) while emphasising on the ways of improving efficiency are well aware that they have to maintain a high attainment target or else they would suffer from negative publicity and reduction in fess.
Why Private Schooling
The reason for promoting the private education organisations in UK could be defined in two broader contexts: The first is that the maintained education system remained inefficient to fulfil the needs that go in interests of the producers-educational administrators and teachers-while the interests of the consumers-pupils, parents, employers and governments-were being neglected (Aldrich, 2004, p. 4). Privatisation on one hand introduced competition and market forces and reckoned as the best means of ensuring value for money, on other hand privatisation realised that the meeting the diverse needs and expectations of different religious and cultural groups can be met through maintaining a particular rising of standards. It also made the private sector acknowledged that since the state cannot fund educational and private provisions from taxation, therefore the requirements of students in some form or another is inevitable.
The second position for encouraging the need for private sector is that since an education system that is public and not private is directed by professionals that prefer to highlight and place the true interests of pupils and students first. Such a situation provokes problems like under-funding which identify smaller classes and limited facilities as the main problem being faced by state schools. Since private firms understand the difference to what it means to supply educational services in terms of profit making and providing better environment for the children, the Government has now proposed a substantial increase for the private sector to play their best part in Education.

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