Need an argumentative essay on Science Reported in Media vs. Scholarly Sources.

Need an argumentative essay on Science Reported in Media vs. Scholarly Sources. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
the inner part of the eyelid can become so scarred in such a severe fashion that the whole eyelid could actually turn inwards and cause the lashes to rub on the eyeball which results in the scarring of the front part of the eye- the cornea. If this infection is not treated repeatedly and timely, this infection can even lead to the development of an irreversible corneal opacities and eventually even blindness.
Trachoma is a rather common infection affecting a total of about 21.4 million people all over the world out of which some 2.2 million have become visually impaired and some 1.2 million are completely blind. The severity of this disease is clear from the fact that it was considered an epidemic and not only any infection outbreak. Trachoma is presently responsible for an overly large 3% of the total world’s blindness. This number however keeps varying because of socio-economic development effects and several different control programmes put in place for curbing the threat of this disease.
In spite of several measures being placed, trachoma still widely carry its status of an hyper endemic in several of the extremely poor and very remote and poor rural areas in the continent of Asia, Africa, Australia, Central and South America and the Middle East. The patterns of active trachoma emerge majorly during the early adulthood and during middle-ages. In hyper endemic areas, trachoma is most common in children who ate attending preschool and the rates of prevalence of trachoma are as high as 60-90%. It like most diseased has the potential to majorly affect the most vulnerable members of the society and has a severe affect on children and women. Surprisingly, adult women as compared to men are at a huger risk of being affected by the complication that results in trachoma leading to eventual blindness. The major reason for this trend is that perhaps women spend greater amount of time with young children who are considered the major source of this heinous

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