Need an argumentative essay on SOR CASE ANALYSIS : Navigating Shark Infested Wat

Need an argumentative essay on SOR CASE ANALYSIS : Navigating Shark Infested Waters. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Among its main customer group, specifically the children, signed petitions to boycott the theme park for its serving of shark fin soup that harms the environment. Pressure from both groups – environmentalists and customers – has put pressure on the organization to stop serving the environmentally detrimental food item. However, merchants selling shark fins have supported Disneyland in serving the controversial dish.
In this case, the organization’s management is the main internal entity that has authority and hence, a say in whether Disneyland Hong Kong will serve shark fin soup or not. Since the organization is the main point of target, its management has the greatest responsibility to sort out the matter. Disneyland Hong Kong has its own ethical codes and the organization believes in environmental conservation and environmental sustenance. Its corporate policy regarding CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects is the main code that addresses the treatment of the key stakeholders of the organization including the communities in which it operates as well as the environment. However, its current decision to serve shark fin soup which is shown to have a negative impact on the environment seems to be conflicting with its own CSP policies that relate to the communities, environment, and conservation. Disney spokespersons are another important individuals who speak on behalf of the organization and constitute important internal personnel from the organization. In any case, Disneyland Hong Kong’s CSR policies reflect useful insights regarding the organization’s stand on environmental protection and the shark fin soup matter.
Due to much pressure from conservationalists and environmentalists, Disneyland Hong Kong decided to remove the dish – shark fin soup – from its wedding menus. This move was to reduce criticism from the opposing groups (Chan, 3). However,

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