Need an argumentative essay on Sources of Government Power in a Nation. Needs to

Need an argumentative essay on Sources of Government Power in a Nation. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
In the introductory paragraph, the paper mentions two major forms of governments. These forms are the major sources of government power. Monarchical government is a form of government that is disliked by many nations due to its nature that one becomes the leader of a nation whether the Nationals like it or not. Citizens will always want to hear an individual’s ideological ability. Various nations have their cultural and political beliefs and would expect to have them maintained. With the hereditary monarchy, nationals are not able to evaluate and choose their leaders. An example is the Great Britain where the newborn King William has to become the next king. The king may not bother to maintain the doctrines of the nation because of the guarantee of leadership assured. Family leadership is a duplication of the same leadership since it comes from the same people. This means that the prince will emulate father’s governance, limiting the chances of change in the country. According to. “Globalizing Democracy” by Fierlbeck K., a potential leader proves to nationals of fulfilling the promises made to citizens, unlike hereditary monarchy. The promises one makes should be factual and ones that cope with the doctrines of the country. Once somebody has gotten into power, he/she gets the strength to either fulfill the promises made to nationals or not. This is because of the superiority one gets, overlooking the voters who took him/her to the same power. This now creates domination (Fierlbeck 22).

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