Need an argumentative essay on Statment of purpose. Needs to be 2 pages. Please

Need an argumentative essay on Statment of purpose. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
applications, I have envisioned honing my professional acumen through higher education through an MBA degree from your prestigious institution, the John Hopkins Carey Business School.
As indicated in my Curriculum Vitae, my interest in MBA was initiated by my readings in this field of endeavor. There is this burning desire to specialize in a highly professional and attractive career, where MBA professionals are deemed to be very scarce in Saudi Arabia. It is my personal goal to be instrumental in filling that professional gap in the Saudi work market with the expertise I hope to achieve at John Hopkins.
As I briefly reviewed the vast opportunities offered by the Carey Business School of John Hopkins, I am more determined and enthusiastic to enroll in one of the programs that would fit my personal requirements. I am most interested in developing personal and professional skills that focus on leadership, conflict resolution, design of strategies, and to address various business problem scenarios in the contemporary global environment. I was most impressed with the John Hopkins’ statement towards the commitment “to help you develop into an ethical, informed business professional—a capable leader who is culturally literate and entrepreneurial in spirit. You will know how to roll up your sleeves to get the job done, how to capture and articulate a brilliant idea, how to inspire others, how to lead and how to follow” (John Hopkins Global MBA, 2011, par. 9). The statement comprehensively defines the fulfillment of my personal goal to be an active contributor in my native country of the knowledge, skills and abilities that would be improved through a multidimensional approach. If the opportunities would permit, I also plan to apply the business skills in other global markets to enable me to widen my experience and gain substantial expertise on a global scale. Ultimately, my goal to become an entrepreneur, a leader, and a manager of global perspectives would be

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