Need an argumentative essay on Summarize and analyze, from a rhetorical perspect

Need an argumentative essay on Summarize and analyze, from a rhetorical perspective, the documentary film Parrot Confidential. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
He was able to survive the ordeal thanks to a neighbor who called Animal Control. Lou found a new home in a sanctuary called Foster Parrots. In another scene, Allison highlights the life of another rescue called Fagan. Before his arrival at the Feathered Friends of Michigan sanctuary, Fagan lived in a stressful home. The heightened stress levels led to self-mutilation, which entailed plucking feathers from the chest and infliction of a bad wound on the stomach (Argo, 2013).
One scene focuses on Boston residents Liz and Russ Hartman who own a yellow-napped Amazon parrot named Basil. After the return of Russ from a long business trip, the couple noticed Basils strange behavior of plucking feathers from his chest area. The self-mutilation alarmed and devastated them as they tried to understand what would drive Basil to expose himself to pain. In another scene, Jamie McLeod shares a similar outlook as the Hartmans. He views parrot rearing as a lifelong commitment. His extensive knowledge emanates from his experiences as a former breeder and those from his current job at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary. McLeods friend Lavanya Michel takes advantage of the day-care services offered by the sanctuary. She brings her Molucaan cockatoo named Dolly to the sanctuary when she needs to attend to many errands (Argo, 2013).
It is crucial to note that majority of the breeders featured are currently conservationists. For instance, Phoebe and Harry Linden abandoned their parrot-breeding project in order to provide sanctuary to abandoned birds. In another scene, Marc Johnson and his wife Karen transformed an old poultry farm in Hope Valley into a rescue center for abandoned parrots. Foster Parrots Ltd. is now home to over 500 displaced parrots cared for by a small staff and volunteers (Argo, 2013).
Aristotle, a prominent ancient philosopher identified ethos, logos and pathos as the key elements of persuasion. Ethos centers on establishing an

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