Need an argumentative essay on Taking Online Class is a Sociological Event. Need

Need an argumentative essay on Taking Online Class is a Sociological Event. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
From this paper it is clear that students are more prone to online classes rather than regular classes because the mode of online classes is internet and students can learn any time they prefer instead of a stipulated routine. Online classes are not a traditional practice so there are many questions raised whether it can be considered a sociological event. This essay brings out some important traits which proves online education can be considered as a social event. Some important questions that rose among theorists about online classes were “Which student in terms of race and ethnicity is prone to online education” “What are the forces that drive offline and online classes” “What are the outcomes from online classes both social and educational” “For a complete study in a online class what are the additional research strategies”. These questions were later taken care of by proving that online classes are also important and it is a part of educational society and hence a sociological event. There are certain principles and practices that are needed to be kept in mind before taking online class. The first principle is to be there at the course site. It is very important for faculty to be present during course commencement. Students should be informed previously so that they do not lack the interest towards the course. If by any means a faculty is not able to reach during commencement of a course it should be properly communicated with students by texts. Students should not

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