Need an argumentative essay on The Fall (of man) in Genesis. Needs to be 10 page

Need an argumentative essay on The Fall (of man) in Genesis. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.
iew it, it is the “conflict of conflicts” that swayed the peace of man as he entered a new era where peace between him and fellow man, him and Gods creation was eroded. The conflict between Man and God and its solution is much similar to the conflict that exists in the contemporary society between people, countries and even leaders. As the ebb of peace is enjoyed between each tide of war, man (and countries alike) assesses previous battles, losses and gains, so as to strengthen itself for future conflicts. Seldom do men realize the very origin of conflict may be traced to the Old Testament book of Genesis. It should be understood that not every fall ends up in a war, but the source of all conflict is the result of one fall in particular. The fall of man as depicted in Genesis begins the greatest conflicts known: the conflict of man verses God. the conflict of man verses man. and the conflict of man verse creation.
In the book of Genesis, Man was the most privileged work of God’s creation. God created man as the last creature after He had created the earth, a conducive environment for man. As opposed to other beings that were created out of nothingness, man was created from soil, a symbol that he was a special creation on Earth1. Much more, he was created in the image and likeness of God, to signify the close relationship that God established between man and Himself as the most privileged work of creation. This special treatment is also manifested in the nature of the responsibilities that the Lord gave to man as regards the entire work of creation. The Lord asked man to take responsibility of the land, the animals and the environment as he fends for his existence in this work of creation. In principle, man was placed as the overall in the work of creation, a superior being than no other in the Garden of Aden. When God noted that Adam was lonely, he created Eve from his own rib so that she would keep him company and wipe away his loneliness2. The love of God

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