Need an argumentative essay on The protection of historical and cultural heritag

Need an argumentative essay on The protection of historical and cultural heritage during the urbanization process. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The consequences include not only losing irreplaceable treasures but also endangering the futre of the globe especially when it comes to natural resources.
In this study, the Chinese City of Xi’an will be discussed with regards to the violation and destruction of cultural heritages as man pursues urbanization.
With the rapid development of economy and technology, the pace of urbanization accelerates greatly, and Xi’an has been feeling the effects of human invasion. During urban construction and development, it is important that the relationship between modernization and cultural [historical ] conservation is handled correctly to avoid the detrimental implications that come with their violation or destruction.
The Xi’an Muslim District is one of the key elements that make up the famous cultural city of Xi’an, and also one that has been facing great challenges as urban development approaches it. The Muslim District is composed of about 54 hectares of ancient (traditional) housing of the Hui people. It is one of the key areas protected by the Historic and Cultural city Preservation Plan of Xi’an Year 1995-2020. The district bears important heritage for the Chinese and particularly the Muslims in that the housing, including seven mosques, as well as land, date back to hundreds of years. However, recent “redevelopment” plans have been rumored, proposing that the ancient low housing be “revamped” to better urban housing (Vinsrygg 92). If Grunwald’s example is anything to go by, it is important that the Chinese government should not implement such proposals because once the redevelopment is done, the Muslim heritage that has existed in the Xi’an District will be destroyed. Therefore, it would important for people to stand against such forms of urbanization because culture, once destroyed, can never be repaired.
One of the worst violations

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