Need an argumentative essay on THE ROLE PERCEPTIONS OF TEACHERS IN SCHOOLS. Need

Need an argumentative essay on THE ROLE PERCEPTIONS OF TEACHERS IN SCHOOLS. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
In this regard, a teacher who has just started her career may be motivated by the salary he or she gets at the end of the month. However, as time goes, the same teacher wants more in order to get satisfaction from his job. By more, it is not in terms of the salary they get but by the role he or she plays in the society.
Every teacher, after some years in teaching wants to have the guarantee that he or she is contributing positively to the society. He or she wants to see himself as an inspirer and as a person who contributes in a positive way to the society. If the society perceives him as a source of inspiration for the young minds, he will receive admiration and this will fulfill him. This perception will help in making the teacher feel more important and this also helps in improving the way he regards his work as a professional. When a teacher feels that the society and possibly his students believe that his role is important, he is most likely to invest more time in his professional development and be even better.
These perceptions can be revealed in a number of ways. First, the way the parents delegate some of the parenting roles to the teacher such as disciplining their child can be indicative of the way the parent perceives the teacher. This perception will also determine how the teacher relates with his students. Of importance to understand is that the way the teacher is treated will also affect her perception of how important his role is. If the teacher perceives that the society (such as the parents, the students, the school) don’t treat her with dignity, this will change the way the teacher will relate with her students. The teacher can use these perceptions to determine how he or she is going to relate with the students and this will determine whether she will be defensive or affective. They will determine whether the

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