Need an argumentative essay on Twentieth Century African-American Artists. Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Twentieth Century African-American Artists. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The paper “Twentieth Century African-American Artists” discusses African-American Artists of Twentieth Century. With regard to the similarity of their works, both Lawrence and Bearden emerged in the 20th century during the Harlem Renaissance. These two African American artists took part in the cartoon work and their works Just like were mainly exhibited in abstract of complicated positions and showed intricate details. On the other hand, some of the difference between the works of Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence include the fact that while Lawrence sought to distil most of his subjects into their formal presence by using elemental opaque, flattened shapes and repeating patterns and saturated colors, Bearden attempted to break from fine art traditions in his collage and Photostat arts. For example, Bearden’s mostly evoked overlapping, nuanced meanings and metaphors. Lastly, one of the uniquely presented artistic works I would like in my workplace is Jacob Lawrence’s self-portrait painting that was completed in 1977. This is a masterpiece that is popular for its unique color and style as well as the remarkable abstract treatment of the realistic matter. The works of the two 20th century African American artists, Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence had a number of similarities as well as some contrasting differences. Firstly, Bearden illustrated cartoons in the Baltimore Newspaper. Cartoons up-to-date are still influential in newspapers and his art work became the most original and famous in architecture.

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