Need an argumentative essay on Understanding of Key Leadership Capabilities and

Need an argumentative essay on Understanding of Key Leadership Capabilities and the Strategies you may use to Apply them in an Early Childhood Setting. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.
From this study it is clear that child care is a business and as such it needs a business leader. Managers and leaders are generally expected to work in varieties of business fields, including banking, office administration, contracts, legislation, marketing etc. as such, early child hood educators and leaders are to understand the very basic business concepts of leadership and leadership perspectives so that they can easily interface with their peers. More successful early childcare leaders are those who have the leadership capabilities and they find themselves as more skilled, able and experienced than those who are not as successful as their counterparts are. Rodd quoted Katzenmayer and Moller as saying that leadership development is required as it’s an ‘awakening the sleeping giant’ . As the paper stresses leadership is a significant human skill and personal ability that can improve program quality. Leaders are described as both born and made as they do appear to possess some special set of elusive qualities and skills, more often different in nature from person to person, and these are combined in to an ability of influencing others strategically to do what he wants others to do. Ebbeck and Waniganayake stressed that early child hood leaders more than a teacher and critically addressed the concept that ‘they are teachers of young children’.&nbsp.

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