Need an argumentative essay on Universal Child Care Tax Benefit Reform in Canada

Need an argumentative essay on Universal Child Care Tax Benefit Reform in Canada. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
This essay elucidates on the tax reform nuances, regarding increase of childcare tax benefit in Canada. This enhanced child benefits structure aims towards replacing the preceding Child Tax Credit benefits. There has been some sort of controversy regarding the eligibility of the child tax benefits. The basic guideline is that, that the major beneficiaries should be families with the minor children. To qualify for this, there has to be the aspect of completing a specified Application form. Completion of that form ensures that all the records are safely kept for the sake of subsequent analysis
For the past decade, international organizations and industrialized countries have shown increased interest with regards to government involvements in child care. The concept behind this fact is that. that there is a general consideration of subsidizing child care programs. This tax measure often affects the entire citizens. However, most empirical studies put greater focus on the preschool children and the systems of the means-tested transfers. Based on the investigation, regarding the effects of the Canadian child care universal reforms on the parent’s participation in labor force. it worked towards shedding some light since a group with younger children had varying responses from their counterparts who had older children.
it can be concluded that this tax measure tend promote some sense of horizontal equality in one way or the other. This mainly occurs when it comes to the gender-based issues

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