Need an argumentative essay on Video Response. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no pl

Need an argumentative essay on Video Response. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
“claiming” education because it compels students to be active, free, and critical-thinking agents of the learning process, not passive recipients of “knowledge.” Rich helped me become more confident in claiming knowledge through being more responsible for thinking about my thinking and criticizing the thinking behind patriarchal texts in the past and present times. The second concept is “sexism.” Before, I used to think that sexism is about men subjecting women to prejudice and discrimination. Bell Hooks, in “Where We Stand: Feminist Politics,” argued that sexism also involves how sexist feminists undercut revolutionary feminists by accepting assimilation. Assimilation means that feminism ends with women being equals of men without changing the system that patriarchy is built on. Hooks encouraged me to become more critical of feminism in light of what women are no longer fighting for because of their assimilation into lifestyle feminism. The third concept is “revolution.” In American Revolutionary, Grace Lee Boggs inspired me when she said that “revolution” entails the evolution of the self, for only in changing the self can people aspire to truly change the world. Indeed, I cannot contribute to important social changes if I am not willing to change beliefs and assumptions that reinforce socially unjust beliefs and practices.
2. The Grace Lee Boggs documentary “American Revolutionary” focused on the intersections of race, racism, social justice and the importance of community. There was a conversation on ELMS yesterday about the intersection of race and feminism which leads me to ask, is race a feminist issue? Why or why not. Please explain your answer.
I agree that race is a feminist issue because race affected and still continues to affect feminism’s assumptions, beliefs, practices, and goals. Feminism cannot be race-blind because race is part of our identity, especially in America, where race is a central issue for women in the past

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