Need an argumentative essay on What is good sex. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no

Need an argumentative essay on What is good sex. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
It fills their heart with love and most definitely proves one’s feelings towards another person. Experienced and skilled touch of a partner wouldn’t leave woman a reason to doubt whether she is important for him. Her soul struggles for love, and this desire may be satisfied only by passionate attention and inseparableness of the partner.
As for men, most of them see in sex the opportunity to get rid of irritation. Sex allows them to reawaken their passion and affection to the woman. Still, it is widely spread that men cannot understand the main aim of their efforts: they consider female orgasm to be their main purpose and their victory (Henry, 1981). Warm and humid answer of her womb is exciting, electrifying and awakens the deepest fibers of man’s being. The gates of Paradise are opened, he got his way! Woman is satisfied, and it gives a man the reason to feel that she learned everything about his love and paid tribute to his efforts.
That is why to get the physical pleasure you need to have a contact with your partners body as much as you want and need, though sometimes it may seem to be the wrong place or intensity or you may think that your partner dont need it. Sometimes we cannot explain our needs and desires to a partner because of the elementary confusion. We are afraid of offending a partner or seeming to be dissolute perverts. Hence the lack of moral satisfaction comes: if we cannot talk to the partner about how we would like to make our sex, we feel offended and receive less pleasure. Gradually, this feeling is being collected and poured into a quarrel, and we (as well as our partner) may be even not aware and conscious about what was the real cause of such misunderstanding (Philpott, 2006).
Kiss is one of the key components of sexuality and makes the sex be really good. It is difficult to imagine sexual game without kissing. the touch of the lips often gives a lot more emotions than sex itself. It is considered, that

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