Need an argumentative essay on What were the causes, both long term and immediat

Need an argumentative essay on What were the causes, both long term and immediate, of the American Revolution Why did tensions between Great Britain and their North American colonies escalate so quickly in the wake of the French & Indian War Do you believe American independence was i. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
In contrary, the British believed that the Americans must work under them always.
Historically, the Americans had a mindset of independence in the way they handled issues in their minds from their founding fathers. This was due to some traditional beliefs, for example, the distance between Britain and America demanded that for any party to colonize the other, it must have the desire for new opportunities and fully independent 3. The Americans believed to be superior and, therefore. Britain could in no way have the capacity to cross over. The colonial legislation permitted the colonial power to collect taxes and be under full control of the levies. More to these, the legislatures formed and amended the laws which always favored their side.
After the war between the French and Indian, Britain had accumulated a lot of debt and, therefore, to raise enough money to compensate for the loss, Americans participated in paying. They paid a higher share through Sugar and Stamp act4. The sugar act, for example, raised duties for the Americans. The tea act amended in 1773 ensured that the Eastern India companies became monopolies in the sugar industry. To make matters worse, there was no American representation in the parliament tough they complied with high taxation5. As time passed, the situation of taxation became worse, and duties on all goods shoot up including clothes forcing the Americans rebellion.
The American leaders and the people in general became enlightened of the issues affecting their independence and as result writers such as Thomas and John Locke, published several revolutionary messages. The writers addressed issues of limited leadership in government, the idea of division to be able to rule over Americans and social contract. The Americans started seeing the unfair treatments that they experienced from the colony6. The issue of over taxation, for example, made them

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