Need help with discussion questions

1. What are the main objectives of comparative analysis and why are they important to external users of the financial statements, such as investor?

2. What are the main differences in the role of financial accounting and managerial accounting?

3. In week one we discussed the internal users of accounting information, now in week three we will delve into the function of management and the role of managerial accounting in the organization.

After you have read the relevant topics in chapter 14, respond to the following:Discuss the key differences between managerial and financial accounting? What are the activities and responsibilities of management? Discuss the role of the managerial accountants within the corporation including their function as team members working together with personnel from other departments.?

4. Watch the “Author’s Corner: Financial Statement Analysis” video. Consider the following as you watch: What is the importance of financial statement analysis?

5. Watch the “Author’s Corner: Comparing Companies” video. Consider the following as you watch: What tools are available to compare companies that differ in size?

6. What is Price earnings Ration? (ch.13)


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