Needs Assessment


Describe how the needs assessment would have been conducted if you had been able to do a thorough one. Introduce this section with a statement such as, “Due to time constraints, completing a thorough needs assessment was not possible. Team XYZ would have…” Your only method is interviewing the manager, so you will be doing more of a rapid needs assessment in reality.

Following the time constraints, the completion of a more comprehensive needs assessment was adequately achieved. Moreover, to achieve a comprehensive needs assessment, United Way would have focused more on more on setting more realistic goals. The main role of the needs assessment is to aid in the determination of the specific needs that need to be addressed for the organization to achieve its set goals. Moreover, with the information achieved from the needs assessment, the organization is able to develop plans which will enable them to point out the targeted strategies and also be able to prioritize its resources. The needs assessment tends to be an incredibly powerful tool as it promotes decision making, the allocation of resources, and enables the organization to achieve its set goals and objectives.

Thus to be able to achieve a comprehensive needs assessment conducting a critical interview with the United Way manager would be essential as it would enable the interviewer to adequately understand the organizational goals and objectives, the various challenges that limit the organization from achieving its goals and also be able to point out the root cause of the various issues impacting the optimum organization performance. Through the interview, a comprehensive needs assessment will be adequately achieved hence enabling United Way to prioritize its resources to achieve the organizational goal.


Briefly mention the organization, task, and person analysis. Describe the two other NA methods, besides interviewing the manager, you would have used and why. Explain how you would have administered these methods and describe the results you think you would have received. Conclude with a concise explanation of the performance problems/gaps as you understand them. This part will be about a page.

United Way tends to be a globally recognized non-profit organization that is popular for assisting communities to constantly enhance their lives. The organization tends to utilize fundraising approaches to mobilize resources in order to meet the various needs the different communities are experiencing. To adequately ensure that the organization meets its set goals and objectives, the task of a needs assessment needs to be conducted to be able to identify the gap and challenges limiting the organization from reaching its full potential. Based on a personal analysis, the United Way workforce needs to be provided with adequate and frequent training to ensure they critically understand the main purpose of the organization as well as its goal and objectives; this will ensure that various gaps within the organization are eliminated, enabling the organization to achieve its full potential.

Apart from the interview approach, and method that may be utilized to conduct a needs assessment is through questionnaires and surveys. These two approaches are quite effective needs assessment techniques as they allow the workforce to provide their individual perception regarding the various aspects impacting the organization. To effectively administer these needs assessment techniques, I will focus on identifying a group of employees from all organizational levels and providing them with survey questionnaires through their mail which they need to feel and provide their individual opinion regarding the organization’s ability to attain its goals and objectives. The participants will be required to provide their filled questionnaires using the same path they received them. This will ensure that the research will be able to determine the population that participated in the survey. Furthermore, the anticipated results from the survey would be identifying areas within the organization that need improving and also approaches to enhance these areas to avoid a similar issue in future.

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